Friday Night Lights

Every Friday night of fall in the South people fill the stands to watch their friends, neighbors, and their own children play high school football.

Lets take a minute to focus on those players. Football players, whether little league, middle school, or high school are concerned about making the team, playing their best at game time

and staying healthy. They probably don’t worry too much about their cervical spine…

BUT, A 2009 study “Cervical Spine Injuries and the Return to Football” has shown a strong correlation between an athlete’s neck curve (cervical curve), and the extent of injury sustained during head-first or direct impact blows to the front-top of the skull.

What does this mean to you and your young athlete?

In the study, athletes presenting with straight or reversed cervical curves were prone to complex injuries to tissue and nerve roots, while those who maintain a normal cervical curve reduced the chance of long-term and complex injuries.

We understand that every player wants to stay on the field, and at Premier Chiropractic we are equipped to screen for your athlete’s cervical curve before, during and after the season. Every athlete, from 1st string to 4th should include a routine screening for neck curve abnormalities.

Remember, a correct cervical curve not only protects athletes from complex injuries, but also ensures optimal health and wellness for daily life. Call 706-507-4000 for appointment information.

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